Worried about your industrial Fuel Cost?
Switch to GASIFIER


Save USD 10 Million of import Fossil Fuel every day in India.

Who can replace?

  • Any industry using fuel like LPG, CNG, FO, HSP, Pet Coke
  • Ceramic Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Mineral Industry
  • sponge Iron Industry
  • pharma industry
  • Glass industry
  • Refractories


  • To decrease production cost drastically.
  • To Reserve rapidly decreasing fossil fuel.
  • To save environment
  • To decrease green house effect
  • To sustain in compitative market.


  • Costly fuel like LPG, CNG, FO, HSP, etc.. can be easily replaced by Gasificaion of low cost coal/Biomass.
  • Gasifire will generate low calorific value (1100-1250 Kcal/M3) producer gas.
  • This producer gas will replace your costly fuel.
  • Some modification at combusion system is required.

Why Radhe?

  • Already replaced successfully in above 700+ Plants.
  • Having 25 years of vast experience in coal/biomass gasification
  • DSIR-Delhi Approved R & D.
  • In House MNFR unit with all automobile Machine .
  • 350+ team members to support manufacturing, Market & after Sales.
  • Always belive in innovative change in technology required by industry.

What is gasification?


Gasification is mainly a thermo-chemical process that converts organic/ fossil fuel, agro solid waste and bio-solid waste based carbonaceous material in to carbon monoxide, hydrogen and methane as a useful clean and combustible gaseous fuel called PRODUCER GAS or SYNGAS.

This is achieved by reacting these types of material at high temperature without combustion, with a controlled amount of oxygen and steam. The advantage of gasification technology is having more energy efficient than direct combustion of fuel. In early days of gasification technology coal was gasified and was piped to customers for illumination, heating and cooking named was COAL GAS. High prices of fossil fuel like oil and natural gas leaded keen interest in gasification process. Now this technology is widely accepted all over the word and supported and approved by some organizations like UNO, UNDP, DEOUSA, FAO, MNRE……many more.

  • COMBUSTION                            :   C+O2 =   CO2+HEA
  • WATER GAS                                :   C+H2O+HEAT =   CO+H2
  • WATER SHIFT REACTION          :   CO+H2O =   CO2+H2+HEAT
  • BOUDOUARD REACTION          :   C+CO2+HEAT =   2CO
  • METHANE REACTION                :   C+2H2 =   CH4+HEAT

The gasifier can convert any types of solid biomass/ coal in to producer gas, the chemical composition of producer gas is as under(the gas composition may slightly differ depending upon the fuels).

  • CO (CARBON MONOXIDE) :   20 ± 2%
  • CH4 (METHANE) :   3 ± 1
  • H2 (HYDROGEN) :   18 ± 2%
  • CO2 (CARBON DIOXIDE) :   06 ± 2%
  • N2 (NITROGEN) :   BALANCE (50 ± 5%)
  • CV OF PRODUCER GAS :   1000 TO 1300 KCAL/NM3
  • Radhe Econotherm
  • Hi-Con
  • Hi-mac
  • Vitagreen
  • Hi-Can
  • 77-vitagreen

    1. 700+ Installation

    2. 65% Stand in Installation of Glasification technology from the rest in india.

    3. 1500+ Employee

    4. Saving of 60 to 70 Million liters per day imported Fossil Fuel

    5. DSIR-Delhi Approved R&D Center