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Features of Bio-mass Gasifier
  • Low Nox, Sox formation due to low flame temperature.
  • As producer gas burnt instead of solid fuel, particulates and smoke emissions are extremely low.
  • Does not contribute to green house gas emission and global warming, as Biomass is CO2 neutral.
  • Worldwide environment friendly accepted renewable technology.
  • Payback periods are 6 – 8 months.
The essence of gasification process is the conversion of solid carbon fuels into carbon monoxide by thermo chemical process. The gasification of solid fuel is accomplished in air sealed, closed chamber, under slight suction or pressure relative to ambient pressure. Gasification process occurring in general explained in this section.
Advantages of Bio-mass Gasifier
The Bio-mass Gasifier system is capable of gasifying several types of solid fuel such as Charcoal, Imported Steam coal, Briquettes at high efficiency. In addition, the emission control system of toxic gases such as sulfur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen in this technology is easy to operate, inexpensive, and efficient.
There are some special features & advantages of RREDPL brand Gasifier:
Acceptability of range of carboneous material
Flexibility in terms of raw material availability at various periods of the year with changes in atmospheric & market position.

No emission of air from the Gasifier
Environmentally friendly equipment, which produces cleaner energy thus permitting is simplified & lower cost of operation.

Flexibility in operation capacity
The feature offers optimum capacity of utilization on variation of requirements.

Low temperature & pressure during operation
Result is lower capital cost as well as operation cost.

Automatic changing & ash removal system (Optional)
Equipment operates with accuracy & reduces the cost of operation.

Replaces fossil fuel
Environment friendly equipment helpful in reduction of pollutant emission. Also offer the saving of redundant fossil fuel which again reduces import bill for nation.

Robust construction & simple operation
Maximum continuous operation & minimum shutdown time.
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