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Advantages of Fluidized Bed hot air generator:
The fluidized Bed HAG system is capable of combusting several types of fuel such as coal, corncobs, wood scraps, and precipitates from waste water treatment, at high efficiency. In addition, the emission control system of toxic gases such as sulfur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen in this technology is easy to operate, inexpensive, and efficient.

1. Efficient Advantages:

  • Virtually complete combustion at low excess air level.
  • Increased energy recovery potential and system efficiency.
  • Odor elimination.
  • Minimal Maintenance.
  • Minimized temperature variations due to fluctuations in feed.
  • Lower capital costs.
  • Fully Automated system, which maintain automatically all the operating parameters of the system according to fuel.

2. Favorable Ash Properties:
The high combustion efficiency of a fluidized bed results in a reduced amount of inorganic material as fine ash. Low combustion temperatures in the fluidized bed minimize the formation of toxic materials that might carry over with the ash.

3. Operating Flexibility:
Radhe Fluidized Bed systems have demonstrated the ability to operate under a wide range of load conditions. The low fuel inventory present in the unit makes it very responsive to varying loads. The fluidized bed also maintains efficiency during system turndown.

4. Operating Costs:
The lack of moving part in a fluidized bed reduces maintenance costs and down time. RF units have achieved operatabilities above 98% and have kept operating cost relatively low given the difficult fuels they are burning.

5. Environmentally Sound Energy Production from Waste:
Fluidized bed combustion is an environmentally favorable, proven technology for disposal of solid wastes and generation of energy. The combustion of RF’s vast experience in developing solutions for a wide variety of application, with the favorable characteristics of fluidized bed combustion make RF the leader in providing environmentally sound waste disposal solutions. The effective cyclone design is able to reduce suspended matter content to below 20 micron in the hot air.

6. Waste Fuel Diversity:
RF systems have operated on fuels as diverse as agricultural waste, municipal solid waste, wood waste and coal. Fluidized bed systems are also capable of efficiently combusting fuels of varying consistency. RF units have demonstrated the ability to handle a variety of wastes within a single combustor.

7. Low Emission:
Emissions from a fluidized bed unit are inherently lower than conventional technologies for the following reasons.   

  •  Low combustion temperatures and low excess air within the bed reduces the formation of certain emissions such as Nox.
  •  High combustion efficiency results in flue gases that contain low amount of CO.


  • No ash slagging problem.There is no ash slagging problem because combustion temperature is          low and stable & due to bed in constant fluidization.
  • Low Nox Formation. Nox formation is negligible because of low combustion temperature.High Combustion Efficiency up-to 98%.
  • Easy Start-up and Shut-down.
  • Constantly running and continuous ash discharge.
  • Operate with multi fuels.
  • Temperature fluctuation is very minor, due to highly atomized PLC base control.



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