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The Research and Development Facility aims to stimulate and support investment in new and advanced technology and innovation for businesses. The Facility is designed for businesses that need to acquire specialized technology or generate new ideas in order to maintain viability and improve profitability.

The R & D facility houses full analytical, weathering and end-use testing laboratories and process simulation equipment. It also features a Customer Concept Center where visitors can meet with the company's experts to make their product vision a reality.

For clients, product innovation starts at the Customer Concept Center. It not only features samples to inspire, but clients can work directly with Radhe's scientists to design products while they visit to develop new concepts. "Our scientists have all the critical tools they need at Central R & D -- even the ability to virtually design processes.

Partnership with Radhe gives our clients access to the years of technical expertise and innovation we bring to the markets we serve.

The facility's weathering, analytical and physical properties testing laboratories enable clients to evaluate the composition and performance of products, while also providing the data needed to meet global quality standards. "The work done at our laboratories provides our clients with the data needed to examine and refine their products, we work hard to assist our clients as they look for ways to improve and deliver the advanced products consumers seek."

The offerings at the R & D facility come full-circle at the Concentrate Preparation and Customer Simulation areas. "The simulation area of the R & D facility is filled with an array of equipment to mirror our clients' processes, including:

  • Bomb Calorimeter
  • Junker Gas Calorimeter
  • Hand Refract meter
  • Fyrite Kit (for Measuring CO and CO2%)
  • Wood Moisture Meter
  • Digital non contact tachometer
  • Digital Lax Meter
  • Gas Chromatographer
  • Digital Weighing Scale
  • Anemometer
  • Photo Tachometer
  • TDS Meter
  • Muffle Furnace
  • Oven
  • Orset Analyzer
  • Digital Temperature Meter
  • Online Gas Analyzer
  • Viscous Meter
  • Ring & Ball Instrument for Softening Point

"This allows our clients to get a firsthand look at a prototype of their new product concept. To further assist our clients, we offer field support to ensure solutions work properly on their equipment."
Radhe is committed not only to providing next-generation solutions to our clients, but to helping in providing tomorrow's products today."

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